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Flourishing domains owns a small portfolio of high quality domain names used by Top 500 companies.

We specialise in three letter domains and four letter domains (Example) : Bol.com , ING.com , KFC.com , Sony.com , Puma.com , Nike.com

These domains are very scarce (17.576 3L domains) and rapidly go up in price every year since most of the domains already are being used by companies.

A big portion of letter combinations are not usable by EU or US companies , (Example): ZXQ.com , UYX.com , XLZ.com


Please do understand that before sending us a enquiry that 3L domains sell from $30.000 to 7/8 figures depending on the letters.

A few notable sales in 2020(Not ours unfortunately)

Mim.com - $131,312

Nas.com - $720,000

UKG.com - $90,000

AOA.com - $200,000

BTI.com - $100,000

ADD - $800,000

PAA - $75,050

BAO - $173,045

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